Bageshwar Govt. College elections to be held on September 28

The student union elections will be held on September 28 in the State Post Graduate College, Bageshwar. On Wednesday, Chief Election Officer Dr. Naresh Kumar issued notification of the student union elections in the presence of Principal SC Pant. For student union elections, the nomination forms will be sold from 10 am to the office hours on September 25 and 26. Candidates will be nominated by one o’clock in the day from 10 a.m. on 27th September. Nomination forms will be scrutinized from one to five minutes to 1:45 pm immediately after the nomination. The name will be reverted on September 27. Voting will take place from 8 a.m. on September 28 to one o’clock in the day. Counting of votes will begin at two o’clock. Swearing-in will be done by announcing the winner candidates when the counting is completed.


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