Angry mob burns government effigy to protest against petrol diesel price hike

Dwarahat: Due to the huge increase in petrol and diesel prices and quota of kerosene oil quota, angry young activists burnt the effigy of the central government. They also demanded to withdraw those anti-people decisions.

Today UKD and USF activists gathered at the main crossroad this morning. Slamming the the central government for increasing the fuel prices the protesters said that during the BJP rule, the common man is upset with inflation and unemployment.

The organization said that if there is no quick control over them, the organization will be aggressive.  Youth Union Minister Arjun Khampa, Municipal Commissioner Govind, Sandeep Routale, Lakki Chaudhary, Hem Routela, Kamal Sah, Madan Kumar, Pankaj Rawaila, Jagdish Rawaila, Lamp Officer, Chandrashekhar Budi etc. were present on this occasion.


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