Mamta Banerjee says no to Durga idol immersion to avoid clashes on Muharram

With Muharram scheduled a day after Dussera this year, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday asked the people to cooperate with each other and not to fall prey to provocation leading to communal problems.

“Some quarters may try to instigate people to flare up communal tension and there are people who may try to take political advantage of this”, Banerjee said while addressing a meeting of Durga Puja committees on Wednesday evening.

She asked, “Why should we take the blame because of some people who are trying to take political advantage?,”

Banerjee directed SPs in the districts to talk to Durga Puja committees and Muharram committees regarding holding of their rallies, and said that there would not be any idol immersion on October 1, on the scheduled day of Muharram.

On Wednesday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee addressed a large meeting of Durga Puja organisers, leaders of the Muslim community and other religions. She told them that Durga idol immersions, set for September 30 after the four-day Puja festival ends, would be allowed only till 6 pm on that day and would resume on October 2, after Muharram.


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