A book on the nation’s evolution released on independence day


A book on the nation’s evolution over the past seven decades by  noted Dehradun-based writer Roshen Dalal  launched by Puffin Books on the occasion of independence day, 2017.

The book  is a well-researched account of the nation’s evolution over  the past seven decades. It captures snippets of each of these 70 years through important events in various areas like politics, culture, science, sports, literature, music and  television industry. Against India’s political backdrop, it provides glimpses of the country’s vast and rich culture, its diversity and many languages, its eminent personalities and its achievements in all spheres.

In literature, the book provides accounts of various authors, poets, and works in many of the twenty-two languages recognized in the Constitution. In cinema, select actors, film and directors have been chosen out of hundreds, again across various languages. Then there are details of television and tele-serials, artists, musicians, dancers, and types of art, music and dance.The book also indicates how tradition is gradually giving way to new forms of culture, and showcases some of the latest trends.

To sum up, this volume presents an idea of the vibrant and ever-changing nation of India, and of the people who provide its vitality. Suitable for both youngsters as well as adults, the book is a must have for readers who would love to know more about the country and also a great way of introducing the historical events to reluctant readers.

Talking on the book the author, Roshen Dalal, says , ‘I wrote this book in a short and easy-to-read format, to provide youngsters with  an overview of India after Independence. To set up the structure of government, hold elections, relate with other countries,  and plan India’s development has been a mammoth task, but that is not all that has gone into building a new nation. As this book indicates, the story of India is also that of its ecology, art, literature and culture, aspects that are often ignored in history.” 

The year 1947 was one of change. After almost 200 years of British rule, India became a united political entity. Only one question rang loud: What type of nation would the new India be?

This book traces the country’s whirlwind journey, giving us a look at the last seventy years. Against a political backdrop, it provides glimpses of India’s  vast and rich culture, its many languages and remarkable diversity, its eminent personalities and notable achievements in all spheres.

Featuring bite-sized information, fun facts, charming illustrations and detailed maps, this special book sums up the logs of India’s independence in a fitting way.

Roshen Dalal was born in Mussoorie, and lived in various places in India, including Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi, before settling in Dehradun, where she now resides along with several rescued cats and a dog. She has an MA and a PhD in ancient Indian history from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She has taught both at school and university level, and has been involved in research in the fields of history, religion, philosophy and education.

She is the author of the bestselling two-volume Puffin History of India; The Puffin History of the World, also in two volumes; The Religions of India: A Concise Guide to Nine Major Faiths; Hinduism: An Alphabetical Guide; The Vedas: An Introduction to Hinduism’s Sacred Texts and The Compact Timeline History of the World. Apart from books, she has written numerous articles and book reviews. Having been an editor for many years, she is now a full-time writer and is currently working on a book on the Upanishads.


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