SIT to investigate Doon’s ATM cloning scam

Uttarakhand Police has constituted Special Investigation Team (SIT) for nabbing the culprits behind the ATM cloning scam in Dehradun. The unit will be commanded by SSP Riddhim Agarwal.

In the capital, more than 50 bank accounts were reported to withdrawal of cash by ATM fraud. Uttarakhand Police has constituted Special Investigation Team (SIT) for its investigation.

Police and cyber police station will also help SIT in this case. Apart from this, the police has requested the account holders who had been victimized by this fraud from Dharmpur area for freezing their account for a few days.

It is noteworthy that in the last three days in the capital, Dehradun, millions of rupees have been withdrawn through the cloning of the ATM card, thereby stirring the account holders of Doon.

In connection with these continuous growing ATM fraud, the Director General of Police, in the meeting with officials, instructed to set up the SIT and instructed all Dehradun ATMs to take the check and take appropriate steps to stop ATM fraud.

DGP MA Ganpati said that this case is not online cyber crime, but ATM fraud. SIT has been formed for its disclosure. SIT will also seek help from the police of other states in these cases.


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