I have received much more from the country than what I have given, says outgoing President Pranab Mukherjee

The President of India, Pranab Mukherjee received books and reports related to Rashtrapati Bhavan today (July 24, 2017) at a function held at Rashtrapati Bhavan on the eve of demitting office as the 13th President of India.

Speaking on the occasion, the President said that he was overwhelmed by a deep sense of gratitude to the people of India for the trust and confidence they reposed in him. He was humbled by their kindness and affection. He stated that he had received much more from the country than he had given.

The President congratulated and extended a warm welcome to Ram Nath Kovind, the President-Elect and wished him success and happiness in the years to come.

The President said that in Rashtrapati Bhavan, we tried to build a humane and happy township. He stated that in last five years he learnt from his travels across the length and breadth of the country. The President said that he learnt from his conversations with young and bright minds in colleges and universities, scientists, innovators, scholars, jurists, authors, artists and leaders from across the spectrum. These interactions kept him focused and inspired.

The books presented today to the President were (1) ‘The Innovation President’ by the Vice President of India, Mohd. Hamid Ansari and (2) ‘Selected Speeches of the President (Volume-IV) by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The reports presented were ‘Conserving and Upgrading of the President’s Estate – Select Projects: The Mukherjee Years 2012-2017’ by Dr. Thomas Mathew, Additional Secretary to the President; ‘Health Status and Age Assessment of the Trees of Rashtrapati Bhavan’ by Dr. Savita, Director, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun and ‘Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan Phase –II’ by Dr. AGK Menon and Ms. Swapna Liddle from INTACH.

The book presentation function was followed by a cultural programme and dinner which was attended by the President-elect, Vice President, Prime Minister, Union Ministers and other dignitaries. Details of books and reports released: The book ‘The Innovation President’ provides a summary of efforts made by the President in reinforcing close coordination between public programmes and policies and inclusive innovation ecosystem. This book contains the speeches of the President dealing with innovations at different levels and sectors in the country. Lessons from other countries have also been incorporated as also the examples of innovations in innovation clubs in various universities. The glimpses of awards given to creative communities and grassroots innovators, technology students add to the content of the inclusive innovation system.

‘Selected Speeches of President’- (Volume-IV) is the final volume of the four part series containing important speeches delivered by President Pranab Mukherjee in the fourth and fifth years of his Presidency. The first three volumes had selected speeches from President Mukherjee’s first three years in Office. The speeches included in this volume are into five sections: (i) The Nation, Parliament, Constitutional Bodies and Armed Forces; (ii) Important Days and Events, eminent personalities and commemorative events; (iii) Banquet Speeches and Foreign Visits; (iv) Award Functions, and (v) Education and Conferences. All four volumes of speeches of the President have been brought out by Publications Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

The report “Conserving and Upgrading of the President’s Estate – Select Projects: The Mukherjee Years: 2012-2017” chronicles select conservation, preservation and development projects undertaken in the last five years by the President’s Secretariat. This covers 27 conservation and development works undertaken in the 13th Presidency. It details the steps taken for the conservation and restoration of several buildings in the President’s Estate and at “Ashiana” (The Presidential Retreat located at Dehradun).

‘Health Status and Age Assessment of the Trees of Rashtrapati Bhavan’ was conducted by the Forest Research Institute, Dehradun between July 2016 to June 2017 to determine the age of important trees as per requirement; to record pathological and entomological problems on the trees of Rashtrapati Bhavan and to identify trees having physiological and related stress including edaphic causes.

‘Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan Phase –II’ was drafted by INTACH after carrying out detailed documentation and it provides reasoned recommendations for the efficient future management of the Rashtrapati Bhavan building. Proposals for the conservation of the Rashtrapati Bhavan was drawn up based on this detailed documentation and on its heritage value and prevalent conditions, taking into account the specific characteristics and requirement of the building as the residence and office of the President of India.


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