Microsoft pulls the plug on MS-Paint in latest update

It is end of the road for MS-Paint one of the most popular software application developed by the software giant.

The graphics editing software came pre-loaded within Windows for decades, but now be ready to say goodbye to Paint. Microsoft has listed the software as deprecated, before the release of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Edition. By ‘deprecation’, Microsoft means that there will be no more resources aimed to develop or maintain the program. This basically means signing a death sentence for the software. Launched in 1985, MS Paint has been a part of Windows platform for 32 years now. Paint is essentially as old as Windows itself since it came out with Windows 1.0. But now is the end of the road.

Meanwhile, it is not that the decision by Microsoft is surprising. In 2016, Microsoft had released a newer version of paint called Paint 3D. The new software has the feel of a modern Windows 10 application, as it enables the users to make visually-rich 3D designs. This means Microsoft does not have any need to continue running two versions of the same thing on its operating system. In fact, Microsoft has repeatedly targetted the creative audience recently and said that Windows 10 is a platform for creativity. So, it makes total sense for the company to concentrate on Paint 3D instead of a decades old platform. Having said that, it does not matter how sensible this move is, a lot of people will feel a little sad when MS Paint disappears from their PCs.


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