Uttarakhand assembly conducts business for 11hrs 25 minutes, creates record

The six-day budget session of Uttarakhand assembly, which concluded on late Thursday night, proved to be a historic one. Speaker Premchand Aggarwal said that the assembly conducted business for a record 11 hours and 25 minutes on Thursday, making it the longest session day in the history of Uttarakhand assembly. The assembly also passed the appropriation bill of Rs 39,957.13 crore on late Thursday night.

The budget session also witnessed minimal disturbance– a mere 90 minutes in the period of six days. “Members of the ruling and opposition parties should be praised for the success of the six-day session,” the speaker said.
“In the four assemblies, since Uttarakhand was carved out of Uttar Pradesh, the longest session was of 11 hours and 11 minutes on June 11, 2002,” he said. The record was shattered on June 15, as the House worked for 11 hours and 25 hours.

On Thursday, the House functioned till 11:50pm, which was the longest ever. Earlier, on June 11, 2002, the assembly proceedings continued till 11:11pm.

In all, the House worked for 43 hours and 38 minutes during the six-day session. Aggarwal said that six bills were passed during the budget session. The Uttarakhand Goods and Service Tax, 2017, Uttarakhand Contingency Fund Act (amendment) 2017, Uttarakhand State Assembly (disqualification) Act 2017, Uttarakhand VAT Amendment, Uttarakhand Underground Water (development and regulation and control of management) and Uttarakhand Appropriation Bill 2017, were passed in the session.


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