Thousands rally in Uttarakhand demanding formation of Gorkhaland

Thousands of people took out a rally under the banner of the Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha on Sunday demanding separate state Gorkhaland. Participants in the rally led by Lieutenant General Shakti Gurung (AP) said that they will not give up the movement until Gorkhaland is formed.
Earlier, a large number of people of Gorkha community gathered in Parade Ground. The name of Gorkhaland was the common glue which brought together youth, adolescent, elderly, men and women. The rally reached Gandhi Park at five o’clock in the evening. Here, Lieutenant General (AP) Shakti Gurung addressed the gathering.

He said that we are the first Indian. Gorkha society is a major contributor to India’s construction and its unity. Indian Gorkha is our most important identity. We need our Gorkhaland. This demand is more than 100 years old.
Despite this, our identity has been questioned at the level of power. We have to face obstacles for all the work including government jobs, caste certificates. This leads to frustration in the community.

Former military Secretary General of the Government of India¬† Shakti Gurung said that Gorkhali are an integral part of the nation. We’re just asking for a separate state. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in Bengali language on Gorkhali children are trying to perpetuate.

There is a breach of human being. More than 15 million people in Uttarakhand are Gorkhali. Now Gorkhali society will not sit silent and will continue to struggle to achieve Gorkhaland. Presence of many organizations and dignitaries contributed to the success of the rally. President of the Assembly of reform Gorkhali Colonel Bhagwan Singh Chhetri gave vote of thanks.


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