foundation day of National safety council celebrated at IIP, Ddun


The National Safety Day/Week-2017 and the Foundation Day of the National Safety Council was celebrated at the CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum here on Tuesday.

Administering a safety pledge to the employees and others in the gathering on the occasion, the institute director Anjan Ray said, “As an institute devoted to research in petroleum, we understand that although petroleum, petroleum products and petro-chemicals are essential for the growth of the nation, any error in their usage, experiment, production or use can cause great loss.” The director recalled the Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984 and the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster of Japanin 2011. He said, “Our own laboratories are a miniature of the industry and we have to be careful about the harmfulnessof the chemicals while dealing with them. This is of the utmost importance for the country and the society as a whole besides our cities. On this day, we will deliberate on how to be careful about safety and health.”

Addressing the gathering as the chief guest, noted doctor and founder of Krishna Medical Centre, Dr Geeta Khanna gave a technical presentation on safety and health and stressed that nutrition is the backbone of health. She talked about various aspects of home safety and explained what precautions should be taken on staircases, tiled floors, rugs, bathroom, kitchen and also inside the rooms. The outside of the house is equally important from the safety angle. Dr Khanna talked about chemical hygiene, emergency preparedness and crisis plans, concept of safety for children, workplace safety, violence, occupational diseases and accident prevention while stressing that behaviour modification is of the utmost importance and should be included in human resource programmes. She further talked about disease prevention, food safety and diet, proper clothing, water safety, public sanitation, road safety, vaccination and gave a step by-step demonstration on first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) while also answering queries of the audience.

Earlier, senior scientist of the institute Neeraj Atray gave the background of the formation of the National Safety Council in 1966 on March 4 after a clarion call was given by the then, President of India S Radhakrishnan a few months back in December 1965 at the president’s first conference on industrial safety regarding the need for the mitigation of accidents at the working place. The day of the formation of the National Safety Council was later designated as the National Safety Day and has been celebrated as such since 1972.


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