FM slipped due to low sugar at Patanjali


On the invitation of Yoga guru Swami Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna, the union Finance minister had come to Haridwar to inaugurate Niramayam facility. It was his first visit to Yog Gram said the minister. After inauguration, at 1.50 pm on Sunday the union minister flew from Yog Gram to visit Patanjali food park in Padartha village in Laksar. After seeing the food processing facilities at Padartha when he was about to board his helicopter around 3.45 pm, his sugar level reportedly came down which resulted in him falling down. For a few seconds the minister was unconscious and recovered after being administered first aid.

Talking to media  the CO A S Rawat said, “The level of sugar in his body came down which made him unconscious for a few seconds. In less than a minute he was given first aid revived. But when he was unconscious he fell on the ground hitting the handle of helicopter and got a bump on his head. His foot also had a little sprain.”

The doctors present over there gave the preliminary first aid and the minister was up, ready to take off after 15 minutes of his fall, said an eye witness. The yoga guru and Acharya Bal Krishna reached the spot near the helicopter and people were asked to evacuate the place to prevent crowding.


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