cong burnt effigy to protest against Goa & Manipur

Dainik nation bureau

The   state Congress, floundering in the maze of  demoralization following the  shocking debacle in the just-concluded Assembly election, has sought to rejuvenate itself and its  cadre force while targeting the  Centre for  foisting a BP-led  government in Goa trampling upon the democratic norms. The party staged demonstrations at the Congress Bhawan in Derhadun on Tuesday, condemning the Centre for what they called an undemocratic act, nothing short of a murder of democracy.

Talking to media persons, the state  party’s  chief spokesperson Mathura Dutt Joshi said that the victory of the BJP in UP and this state seemed to have emboldened them to  throttle democracy in a bid to establish  a single party rule by  hook or by crook across the country.   “For instance, in Goa, Congress has emerged as the single largest party. But thrashing democratic norms, BJP has foisted its own government.  As per the norms, the Governor is bound to invite the single largest party to form the government. But the saffron brigade has succeeded in intimidating him into submission,” he said.

He invoked the ruling of the court to bolster his line of argument, saying that the single largest party must be called to form the government if the election fails to give a clear mandate to any party as per the order of the judiciary.
“It shows that BJP has turned dictatorial, a trend that spells doom for the democratic functioning of the polity. We as the main Opposition party in the state would raise our voice against the ruling party at the Centre seeking to denigrate the constitution and to undermine the dignity of the high positions like that of the Governor,” Joshi said.


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