BJP used muscle and money to win election: PCC


On the day of polling in the Karnprayag Vidhan Sabha constituency with one day left for counting of votes cast in the Vidhan Sabha election 2017, the Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress Committee president Kishore Upadhyay averred that one of the striking aspects of this election was the negative campaigning and the amount of money pumped into the campaign by the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Addressing the media persons at a Press conference held in the Congress Bhawan on Thursday, the PCC president averred that the Congress party had contested the Vidhan Sabha election 2017 based on issues relevant to Uttarakhand. On the other hand, the BJP’s assembly election campaign was based on negativity, painting a picture of Uttarakhand suffering in a very dire straits, opined Upadhyay. The issues pertinent to Uttarakhand and concerns of the people of Uttarakhand need to be discussed. He went on to state that the next government formed in Uttarakhand should focus its effort on development and keeping the state in a good condition. With one day left for the counting of votes polled in the Vidhan Sabha election, one will get a clear picture of who will form the next state government. If elected to form the next state government, the Congress party’s government will focus its efforts on nine major resolutions– facilitating employment for all, transparent administration, security for all, tackling substance abuse, providing all medical facilities, maintaining tolerance, cent per cent housing, generating ample revenue, keeping the state’s environment clean and  free of pollution and free of debt. Targetting the BJP-led Central Government and prime minister Narendra Modi, the PCC chief went on to allege that they had directed potential donors to desist from donating funds to the Congress party as part of its vendetta politics. Questioning the purportedly large amount of money reportedly expended by the BJP in the Vidhan Sabha election 2017 in Uttarakhand, he said that the Congress had also approached the election commission and raised the issue of money expended by the BJP in the election.

Regarding the funding of the Congress party, the PCC chief averred that all the money comprising the party fund is accounted for. The accounts are audited and the audit report is submitted to the All India Congress Committee, said Upadhyay, while adding that he was seeking relevant details to ascertain whether there was any anomaly. PCC vice president Jot Singh Bisht and PCC chief spokesman Mathura Datt Joshi were also present at the Press conference.


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