Women deserves round of applause: CM


Chief Minister Harish Rawat has categorically said that by participating in polling more than men, women have forced me to give emphasis on women welfare projects. Their participation will be promoted in future as well. He also appealed to their party workers to live on ground reality so don’t make imaginary promises because congress has left that work for BJP only.

While addressing to the women in thanks giving programme was organized by city women congress, CM Rawat said that the way women has shown their sincerity in  electing government has ascertained our belief that women deserve round of applause. Even women workers worked very hard to convince the voters during election and he himself realised women numbers were more than the men in most of the meetings.

By working for party with great sincerity, women have become inspirational for others and will have to maintain that spirit. For this state would help them as well.

Commenting on BJP exaggerated campaign; CM Rawat said that congress has contested election with lots of scarcity. Despite having resource crunch women did not let down their spirit and continued to canvass for the party and its candidate with double spirit. When they realised that party is unable to meet the expense of hoarding, banner and flag then they themselves claimed that they are live banner/flag of party and continued their campaigning. He reiterated that wherever people have supported congress is welcome and whosoever have not helped congress is also responsibility of congress party. Congress has completed its one inning and now ready for second inning but its declaration would be made on March 11.

He further reiterated that it does not mean that congress workers should stop meeting people. Thereafter they should continue to educate them about the party government’s policy and planning.

He also said that in democracy public and its decision is supreme so people should avoid making large promises. Making promises and showing dream to the people is style of BJP because they have big personality like PM so they can make large promises. Sharing his so called bitter experience with union government during his tenure as chief minister of Uttarakhand, he also said that Delhi people should have great heart because by keeping sheer large chest does not serve the purpose of the people.


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