UCI releases advisory for Voters


In a bid to educate the voters, the Uttarakhand Citizen Initiative (UCI) has released a voter’s checklist, claiming it to be a first-of-its-kind initiative in the nation.


Uttarakhand UCI co-founder Manoj Gairola said that as state is gearing up for the fourth assembly elections, it is pertinent to caution the citizens to exercise their vote judiciously. For good governance of a state it is important that the elected representatives should have good credentials and should be able to deliver. Otherwise we may get criminals (8 per cent candidates have serious criminal charges), uneducated (49 candidates have education below class 5), and MLAs with poor work record elected to the assembly.


Uttarakhand UCI advisor Dinesh Bhatt said that in the voter’s checklist released, the voters have been appealed to note five major activities taken in the past five years by  the sitting MLA/Ex-MLA. For such candidates, the utilisation status of MLA LAD funds, accessibility to the representative, visiting frequency of the representative, whether the representative changed her/his party after election, his or her financial assets in 2012 and now in 2017, clean record and whether the representative participated in question hour/debates in the assembly are points which should be considered by the voter.



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