Studens focus on plan study: Psycologist


As examination fever is on so students usually take undue pressure, which made impact on their performance, Dehradun- based psychologists have cautioned the students against taking extra pressure on the count of the exams. She advised that instead of tension they should focus on planned preparations.

Senior Psycologist Sangeeta Khullar advised the students to follow a normal routine to keep added stress at bay. She also stressed on the supportive role the parents can play in helping them rid of the added stress.

Developing cold feet or remaining edgy is a normal behaviour on the part of the students with examinations drawing near. However, the fact is that if they do it is most likely that they would mess with things. Thus, the role of the parents is vital as they might help them to face things fair and square without losing nerves in apprehension of faring badly, she added

Study reports reveals that extra stress and mental pressure add up to the anxiety of the little learners and may result in slip-ups during the finals. Make exams a part of life and never treat it as an unusual phenomenon taking place. Students must try to maintain their usual daily routine. Besides, they should not refrain from refreshment and relaxation.

Mihika Gupta,  a resident of Nehru Colony and student of Class XII board examination, said that she remained stress- free during the exam season, focusing on her preparations rather than on scoring good marks. As examination draws nearer,  she focus more on revising the subjects rather than reading extra.

“My parents are happy about my previous class X results and there is nothing like parental pressure to score high. Things continue as per the normal routine and stress fails to frighten me out of my wits” she added.

Raushan, a student of Bachelor,  said, “My confidence shatters during the exams. he failed to fare as good as heI should have, given the level of my preparations. This time, however, he has made it a point to focus on my preparations instead of letting fear of the exam get the better of me. Focusing the mind on the right thing is what that matters. This is paying me some dividends this time.

Kalpana, a student of class X, however represented the general students who do not show nerves while grappling with the scare of scoring high when she said that her nerves were on edge with the exam dates coming closer.


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