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Modi warns Congress leaders from UK



While launching scathing attack on the Congress during his poll speech from Haridwar on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned the party that if it crossed limits he would be forced to expose the corruption-riddled history of the UPA governments the party led at the Centre. The nation would know how they derailed projects I have been trying hard to bring back on the tracks. I am here to translate into reality what my leader Atal Behari Vajpayee envisioned for the country.


Making an appeal to the people to vote for BJP and to bring a BJP- led government in Uttarakhand, Modi lambasted against the Harish Rawat led Uttarakhand government, saying that the ministers and leaders wallowing in corruption, Devbhoomi has been suffering. “This land epitomizes the lofty spiritual ethos. The people hold this land in reverence. However, the state has acquired notoriety thanks to the corrupt leaders who have maligned the image of the state. Such things were aired on the electronic media for all to watch. If one commits a mistake his soul aches. But here, they have no conscience which pricks. They are brazenly shameless,” he said.


While alleging that when the people of the state were grappling with the grim aftermath of the nature’s fury unleashed on them in 2013 some   Congress leaders were frolicking in foreign lands, Modi said that in case the Opposition  keeps on  leveling wild charges against them the corruption- stained history of the party would not long be hidden under wraps.   


Seemingly upset with his sarcastic remark made in the Parliament on the recent earthquake that rattled Uttarakhand, something that Congress and others made an issue of, PM claried his stand. He said “when the  earthquake came the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) was engaged in closely monitoring the situation. Teams were dispatched to the state promptly”.


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