Modi appealed ppl to vote for BJP


Prime minister Narendra Modi appealed to the people of uttarakhand to oust the “dagi sarkar” (tainted government) from the state and  elect BJP government to nurture the 16 year old Uttarakhand into a real “Devbhoomi” . While lambasting the Congress-led State Government, Modi recalled his own deprived childhood, promising to provide maximum benefit to the poor. While addressing a public gathering on Rishikul grounds in Haridwar on Friday. PM introduced the 12 candidates including Rishikesh with people.  Referring to chief minister Harish Rawat, he said that if someone made a mistake and apologised the matter ends there but “one never saw such a person bereft of shame or concern”.


In his attempt to strike a chord with the down-trodden people who turned up in large number, he invoked the pangs of his poverty-stricken childhood and declared that he was in power only to serve them to the best of his ability.  The people who gathered erupted in loud cheers, reciprocating his empathy with them.


To lure the dalits, who constitute a large chunk of the district’s electorate, Modi garlanded photograph of Sant Ravidas to mark  his birth   anniversary before he started his poll speech.  He introduced 12 candidates, including two Congress rebels who later switched to BJP- Pranav Singh Champion contesting from Khanpur and Pradeep Batra from Roorkee.



Enthusiasm was palpable among the people who gathered in large number to catch a glimpse of the prime minister and to hear his speech long before Modi arrived.     As soon as the helicopter with the PM on board flied past the Rishikul grounds at 2.21 pm, there was already a mammoth gathering, waiting to cheer him.   The PM’s motorcade reached at 2.45 pm.   Even after he left, the people were found dancing frenziedly to the tunes of the BJP’s election song that hails Modi as “Babbar Sher” among the lions.




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