Lord Shiva’s paintings made by Coffee powder


Come Shivaratri and the city is hued in the colour of saffron by Kanwadias who come from various parts of the country for fetching holy water of the Ganga river in pitchers to be offered on Shiva Linga. It is not only the pilgrims who visit Haridwar city but even the city residents who are influenced by the spirit of the lord Shiva and have adopted diverse ways of showing their love for the deity.

Local resident Garima Chadha who makes coffee powder paintings of the Nataraja form of Shiva has elicited appreciation for her artwork which has also been purchased by different cultural groups. She states, “This is the cheapest and best medium available with us so I thought of making Nataraja, the dancing pose of Shiva. It was also chosen by a dance group as momentos for the delegates.”

Chairman of Mann movies group which conducts dance shows, Ajay Singhal, said, “It is a unique way of expression using coffee. I asked for 90 such paintings of Nataraja to be made by the artist.”

Even the school for hearing and speech impaired, Anushruti situated on the campus of Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, is mulling over training the students in coffee powder art. The co-convenor of workshops at Anushruti, Mona Verma said, “We are planning to start coffee powder art classes for the hearing impaired children from Shivaratri fest. It would give an excellent medium to express.”


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