Don’t promote division between minority & majority: Khurshid


Former union minister and senior Congress party leader Salman Khurshid said that half of the union cabinet ministers are camping in Uttarakhand and prime minister Narendra Modi is holding public rallies. Stating that this was an indication of the Bharatiya Janata Party trying to sow the seeds of division as they had sown in Uttar Pradesh before general election-2014. In such a scenario, Khurshid appealed to the voters to be vigilant and to desist being induced by the BJP’s election gimmicks.


Sharing his experience of Uttar Pradesh few days back, Khurshid said that earlier people used to live together but now they have been suffering due to a great divide between the people. They suffer from guilt of their blunder but things have gone out of their control so the area has become known as one bereft of humanity. He asked the people of Uttarakhand to beware of few people who may try to stir up enmity between the majority and minority.


Talking about the Prime Minister’s comment on demonetistion, Khurshid asked three question on the subject. “First, has terrorism ended? Has fake currency been removed from the system and thirdly how much black money have they unearthed? The prime minister who is addressing rallies one after another in the state should answer my querry,” he said.


Khurshid further questioned whether PayTm will end all problems, while adding that the prime minister did not try to see how much inconvenience people had to face due to demonetisation. He said that there is a difference between a magician and PM Narendra Modi. “A magician turns paper into currency while PM turned currency into waste paper,” he said. He further said that once PM made announcement that currency note would not be used in market and people can deposit in banks, then why was that currency not used in purchase of daily commodity till the December 31, 2016.


He said that during the term of Congress led UPA government at the centre,  when Uttarakhand was hit by disaster in 2013, then the entire govenrment was paying attention towards the state but when earthquake came in Uttarakhand recently then PM was making a sarcastic comment referring to it in the parliament.


Defending the Congress led UPA government’s decision to earmark Rs 500 crore for One Rank One Pension (OROP) during interim budget of 2014-15, Khurshid said that then crude oil price was hovering between US$ 135-140 per barrel so the government could not allocate money into that account. Now crude oil price is running much below the rate during the UPA’s term so they (NDA) got money to disburse OROP. Even the nation’s ex-servicemen are raising their voice on OROP but their voices are being gagged by the government, alleged the Congress leader.


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