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Demonetisation to serve poor only: NaMo


Getting emotional while defending  the demonetization drive at a poll rally in Rudrapur at Udham Singh Nagar district on Saturday,  Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he had launched the crusade against the hoarders of unaccounted money on behalf of the common people. “The fight against corruption was tough, but I embarked on it keeping the interests of the country and the common people in view. Playing with danger inherent in me, I went all out to stamp out black money that crippled the Indian economy and kept the common people in penury. The money belongs to the common people. They looted the country for years. With your blessing with me, I am vowing to keep on fighting till the mission is accomplished,” he said in an impassioned appeal to the people while exhorting them to vote for the BJP candidates in the February 15 hustings.

He also invoked the ‘surgical strike’ into Pakistan-occupied Kashmir launched in September last year during his passion-sodden speech,  saying that he was pained with a  section of the Opposition parties demanding proof while casting doubt on the strike.

Reiterating that his government was committed to the welfare of the poor and the marginalized, he said they would provide employment to the youth, water to the farmers for irrigation, quality education to the children and enough medicines to the elderly and the ailing.

Going Uttarakhand-specific, Modi said that the all- weather road the foundation stone of which was unveiled in December 2016 in Dehradun in his presence would result  in swell in the footfalls of the pilgrims. “The   char dhams evokes reverence among the people from across the country. However, the condition of the roads there is so dismal that those who visit them once are unwilling to come again. Now, once the all-weather road comes up they would keep coming again and again all the year round,” he said.

Continuing on the theme, aware of the matter being an emotive one for the people here, he said that the big- ticket project would not just employ the youth but would revamp the local economy. “I have emotions for the char dhams. I used to go there when I was the election in-charge of the party. I have emotions for Uttarakhand. I would go all out to develop the state and to give to it all it deserves,” he said while appealing for a clear mandate for his party, BJP.

Without naming the chief minister Harish Rawat, though leaving it obvious who he was targeting, PM said that there were people in the state who were indifferent to its development while engaged in the manipulative politics to cling to power at any cost.

Reaching out to the ex-servicemen who constitute a decisive chunk of the hill state’s electorate, he said that Devbhoomi was being extolled as a land that begets the brave. “One member from each family serving the country in the uniforms, Uttarakhand deserves  a lot from the  grateful country,” he said.


He again harped   on his pet double engine theme,   affirming again that one engine propelling the state forward aside from the other thrusting it ahead from Delhi was an imperative to pull it out of the abyss of  developmental stagnation.


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