BJP uploaded pic to counter CM Rawat bahubali video



Despite having lodged a complaint with the election commission over the video footage allegedly posted by Congress featuring the chief minister Harish Rawat as a Bahubali hauling Uttarakhand on his back with the saffron stalwarts watching in consternation, BJP has launched a counter attack, uploading a video featuring the chief minister sitting impassively on a reclining chair with a woman crying on his knees.

In 82 second video footage that went viral on the social media, garnering thousands of viewers,   chief minister Harish Rawat has been projected as a Bahubali, acting as the savior of Uttarakhand, striking awe in the saffron top brass, making the arch rival BJP to go to the election commission with complaint. The BJP leaders who were found awe- struck are     Prime Minister Narendra Modi, party’s national president Amit Shah and state BJP in-charge Shyam Jaju and former CM Vijay Bahuguna.  However, losing no time in launching a counter, BJP uploaded  two pictures.  One depicts a woman crying on the knees of a nonchalant Harish Rawat while the other is that of the CM depicted as Bahubali which was earlier uploaded by Congress.



Taking a jibe at the BJP while talking to DAINIK NATION BUREAU, the state Congress chief spokesperson Mathura Dutt Joshi said on Saturday that the saffron outfit has acted hastily, left scared by the footage of CM depicted as the savior of the state. “This is a cheap ploy to tarnish the CM’s image,”  he said while denying that his party had anything to do with the earlier footage allegedly released by Congress.


Political analysts say that resorting to a counter in no time regarding the video footage purportedly posted by Congress,   BJP has betrayed its failing nerves being at  the receiving end of the party rank and file’s grouse against awarding tickets to the  turncoats and propping up dynastic norms in a party known for its discipline and commitment to a distinct ideology.


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