BJP thanks to voters for huge turn out


Sounding  happy over the large turnout of voters for  Wednesday’s poling in Uttarakhand, the state Bharatiya Janata Party president Ajay Bhatt said  the polling percentage surpassing the figure of the 2012  election  was a  pointer to the people’s  craving for a  change. He expressed his gratitude towards the people of the state for the heavy turnout and also the BJP activists who   had taken immense pains in motivating the people against the corruption-stained career of the Congress-helmed   government.

“Although Congress tried its best to keep the voters’ turnout to the minimum the people came out in large number to show the ruling party the exit door. We are sure that the people, cutting across regions, castes and communities, have voted for BJP for a positive change in the state,” the BJP leader said.

He further said that the large turnout indicates the growing confidence of the people in the dream the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has dreamt for the state. “We are sure to form the next government with a comfortable majority to give shape to the dream of our leader. Besides, we would not be found wanting in acting on the promises we made to the people during the campaigning or those our manifesto contains,” he said.

He also thanked the polling officers for ensuring a free and fair election, notwithstanding the ruling party’s attempt to derail voting.


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