BJP focus on nation building instead of politics


Checking migration from the hilly areas would be the top priority of Bharatiya Janata Party if elected to govern Uttarakhand, said the Union home minister and one of the party’s star campaigners Rajnath Singh on Sunday while addressing two public rallies in Bahadurgarh and Bahadrabad in Haridwar. In his address Singh said that the clean image of the two times legislator Adesh Chauhan and Yateeshwaranand was enough to send the message to people that BJP workers worked not for politics but for nation building. He stressed that Kashmir was always an Indian state and would remain so — Pakistan must understand this by now.

Highlighting the performance of BJP in previous Lok Sabha polls, Rajnath Singh said, that BJP was the first non-Congress party in Independent India which got sweeping majority to form the government in 70 years. BJP wanted India to lead in knowledge and science at the world level. The BJP leader justified demonetisation move saying it was the only way to check money flow to the terrorist and Naxalite groups and bring forth the unaccounted money.

Commenting on the Congress-led state government, he said, “Corruption is a big issue in Uttarakhand and people are suffering a lot in day to day life. Irregularities and misappropriation in disaster relief funds in the Kedarnath disaster of 2013 is a living example of corruption of Congress government. We will give you a clean and corruption free government if you elect us.”

On Kashmir issue, he said that Modi government had given due response to Pakistan on its ‘Napak’ acts by performing surgical strikes. “Kashmir hamara tha, hai aur rahega” (Kashmir was and will remain ours), he said. He added that Uttarakhand is an important and sensitive state and appealed the people to elect the BJP to govern the state for its development.



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