Will these dissidents sail BJP boat?



Thirteen out of 14 dissident congress leaders including Ex CM Vijay Bahuguna’s son Saurabh Bahuguna, two cabinet ministers Yashpal Arya and Harak Singh Rawat, who have joined BJP after deserting congress, have been given ticket by the BJP in its first list. Even three more congress leaders are being persuaded by the BJP and these developments have doubled the frustration of BJP leaders and they are planning to contest election as an independent in ongoing assembly election. If this happens then BJP, which is desperate to win this election, winning margin may reduce and these newly entrant would create problem for them if they would form government after election. Meanwhile congress leaders are very much active to bring them into congress faction and it this happens then election would be more interesting.

Political analysts said that the way BJP has been poaching the congress leaders since March 2016 shows that BJP is desperate to win this election because they have anticipated the outcome of these five states assembly election. As we know that if they lose then opposition, which is toothless because they could not ensure even a leader of opposition post, would become more vocal and they would blame BJP lost due to demonetization. AS we know that demonetization has affected every citizen including children of india and BJP has given municipal election or local bodies victory due to demonetization so if its result went against their expectation then they would come under moral pressure.

Talking to media person dissident BJP leader and Ex MLA Omgopal Rawat alleged that now BJP has become congress B team because they have given ticket to all the dissidents or their relatives. Commenting on the Omgopal comment newly entrant and BJP candidate says that this is their genuine grudge but it happens in politics.

Political analyst said that since 2007 no political party has achieved magic figure i.e. 36 out of 70 members Uttarakhand Assembly. Such type of mass exodus gives mileage to political party but these leaders deserted congress when party led government had turned into election mode. Although BJP has got mileage initially but how they would maintain that tempo would decide their fate. If they failed to keep intact their disgruntled leaders till polling then BJP may not get desire result.

Source said that BJP has anticipated that they would win with the arrival of these 12 leaders so they are working on plan B that to win more and more number of seat so that these new entrants can’t black mail them after election. As these leaders had given knee jerk to their old party when party was in desperate need so they can go to any extent to fulfill their personal dream or expectation.

Meanwhile state BJP had to face wrath of their own party leaders and workers of RAjpur Road assembly constituency because they were protesting the ticket of Khazandas, who belongs to Dhanaulty but party has given ticket from Rajpur road. They alleged that they were grooming party in this constituency but party has given ticket to outsider of this constituency because he would totally depend upon other votes because he himself can’t vote in his favour.


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