Why BJP silent on six seats of UK assembly



BJP is still busy in persuading congress leaders including former chief minister ND Tiwari and two cabinet ministers because they have announced 64 candidates list and delayed six more assembly constituencies’ i.e. Bhimtal, Haldwani and Ramnagar of Nainital district and chakrata, vikasnagar and Dharampur of Dehradun district candidate. Political analyst said that as we know that state cabinet minister Indira Hridayesh is also seeking ticket for her son Sumit Hridayesh and Ex CM Tiwari is seeking ticket for his son Rohit Shekhar.

As Haridayesh wants two tickets i.e. Haldwani for herself and Bhimtal for her son. As we know that BJP is also searching for a candidate from Bhimtal because their sitting MLA Dan singh Bhandari had deserted BJP a day ahead of Rajya sabha election-2016 Similarly Tiwari is seeking ticket for his son from Ramnagar. This anticipation gets strengthen because BJP has not declared candidate for these three out of six remaining seats.

As Hridayesh is seeking two tickets from congress and if congress denies then she may also join the bandwagon of the dissident congress leaders. It is being said that Hridayesh is already having full support of Ex CM Tiwari and if he agrees then congress would get another jolt but BJP leaders, who have been dreaming to serve these three constituency under the banner of BJP, may get more frustration.

Ironically, sitting MLA Banshidhar Bhagat, who had won the Haldwani constituency by defeating Hridayesh during assembly election-2007, had deserted the Haldwani and groomed Kaladhungi and won the seat during assembly election—2012. Due to Aura of Hridayesh BJP is not getting right candidate against her and if they manage to persuade her with condition then Congress would face vacuum there.

Similarly BJP has also not announced candidate from Chakrata and Vikasnagar Assembly seat. It is being said that BJP is also in touch with MLA PRitam singh, who represents Chakrata since inception of Uttarakhand, which is why they are yet to declare candidate from these two constituencies of Dehradun district.

As we know that BJP has given ticket to father and son i.e. yashpal Arya and Sanjeev Arya so BJP leader Munna singh Chouhan, who has been seeking two ticket from Chakrata and Vikasnagar for his wife Madhu Chouhan from Chakrata and himself from Vikasnagar. IN Dharampur BJP three leaders i.e PRakash Suman Dhyani, Umesh Aggarwal and Vinod Chamoli have locked their horn. In these three one candidate is in touch with the congress so if he denies ticket then he would contest election from Raipur on congress ticket.




BJP has released its 64 out of 70 candidates list


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