Another sting CD may come in UK

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A senior bureaucrat of Uttarakhand government has been allegedly caught on camera while receiving Rs 40 lakh from a person on behalf of chief minsiter. The sting CD has been prepared by a group of people based in Delhi and this would be prooven game changer of this election.

Sources said that the bureaucrat is saying that CM would get major portion out of the Rs 40 lakh. If this comes then this woudl be fourth sting in series associated with chief minsiter office. BJP, which has been putting eagle eye to catch every action of chief minsiter Harish Rawat, has got active and putting all efforts to procure the sting CD. If this comes then it would create ripple in the state.

As we know that since march 2016 BJP had been putting all efforts to topple Harish RAwat led uttarakhand government. They intesified it when nine dissident congress MLAs namely Ex cm vijay Bahuguna, harak singh rawat, subodh uniyal, kunwar pranav singh champion, dr shailendra mohan singhal, Amrita Rawat, umesh sharma kau, pradeep batra and dr shaila rani rawat deserted the congress led uttarakhand government. Later they joined the BJP and state had to face president rule. Although CM Rawat regained his power by an order of supreme court. Since then BJP is trying to defeat CM Rawat but could not succeed. In this moment if such sting appeared then it would be game changer for uttarakhand politics.


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